a proud moment for the mama

when teenage daughter chooses to wear momknit for the school portrait!

Edited 6/18/2008 to add: This pattern is Krista, by Joan McGowan-Michael, my version on ravelry here.  Thanks Joan, for noticing!  Pattern is also named “Shaped Lace Tee” in the book, Knitting Lingerie Style.


6 thoughts on “a proud moment for the mama

  1. She looks so great! I recognize that pattern – isn’t that one of White Lies really cute tees? You should be very proud – not only does she look good wearing it, but now every time you look at that picture you will remember how much love went into making the sweater too!

  2. Wow – I’d wear that momknit for my school pictures too. Beautiful girl. Beautiful sweater. And how’s about that wall hanging/quilt on the post below – yowza!!!

  3. You’re proud as the mother of the kid and sweater and I’m the proud mama of the pattern!

    It looks just lovely on your daughter!

    Joan M-M

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