the ruinous spectre of BPD raises its ugly head

BPD: Bored Poodle Disease. These used to be 3 skeins of Patons Classic Wool, neatly skeined into 12 foot circumference, for the purpose of laying just so out onto a 6 foot table. They were intended for handpainting, for practising colorways. The wonder of all is that Arthur ate the plastic bag they were in (well shredded first) and not the yarn. You see, if you do not plan exercise and intellectual stimulation for a standard poodle, he will invent games of his own, and you may not like them. I’ve never seen him look quite so ashamed. Will it keep him from doing it next time? Not likely.

On the positive side, he was at large in the room with my spinning wheel, and he decided to eat a plastic bag instead. My spinning corner, largely untouched, with the polwarth/silk mostly spun into singles, in the kate awaiting plying. It’s a miracle.

He’s scheduled for a day at the beauty parlor on Monday. He richly deserves it. Under all that hair, he might still be looking guilty, it’s hard to tell.

Merlin has that “it wasn’t me, I’m the good dog” look. Uh huh.


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