no tails to wag behind them

. . . but they’ve come home, just the same!

On the windy, sunny morning of Saturday, February 16, I went to my first sheep shearing, at Rising Meadow Farm where I got carried far, far away and entirely lost my own head, while gaining two sheep. Well, the fleece (fleeces?) of two sheep, to be more exact. Tina at Spinner’s Ridge was skirting fleece and gave me a few minutes of her scarce and highly sought time that day to educate me in how to choose. Thanks Tina! The first one I couldn’t resist is named Ganache. I’m a sucker for chocolate. And then I came across Helena, whose lovely soft, near pure white fleece will be wonderful for the dyepot. So they’re mine, all MINE MINE MINE HA HA HA HA. (I think a little celebratory hysteria is appropriate here, don’t you?) I’m not equipped to do all the washing and processing, and there were coupons there for 25% of the cost from Zeilinger Wool Company in Frankenmuth, MI. Frankenmuth, Frankenmuth, how on earth did it get named Frankenmuth? That’s beside the point. Anyway, that 25% offer is good through March 31 if one pays by check or money order. which I did. I was so eager, I had Ganache and Helena boxed, taped, labeled, postaged (by Click-n-ship, I had a good experience) and sent for gosh sakes, on Saturday, by USPS. The mall has a Post Office that’s open til 9pm Saturday! Who knew? Actually, I did, because DH is forever getting unimportant things like mortgage payments into the mail at the last possible second. Why that last possible second always seems to come on Saturday night, I don’t know.

So the two dears have been gone about a month, and I missed them, but I was trying to be very, very patient, as I had been told it could be several months before they came home. Then on my doorstep yesterday, was a box the size of which could only mean . . . . YES, YES it’s from Frankenmuth!!!!!!
they've come home

You might notice that the box is about the height of the kitchen cabinet under the drawer. Rovings are compressed by vacuum when they are to be shipped, so when they are unboxed you get . . . .

ganache and helena

more than twice the volume!! Look at the two of them fairly bursting their bindings. I can’t wait to see how they’ll spin up. No, must resist temptation, and tend to the 5 or so knitting wip’s I’ve got going, not to mention the 2 spinning projects I’m still in the middle of. I can do it, I can be very patient when I want to. I can, I really can. What’s this? An empty bobbin? Well it can just stay empty for a while, I’m not budging from my firm resolve. Even though they’re calling to me “C,mon, you can do just a little, just to see. You know you want to.” It’s called Ganache, for sheep’s sake. Aw shucks. Never could resist chocolate. Excuse me, I have to spin now.


6 thoughts on “no tails to wag behind them

  1. What beautiful rovings you have! To answer your question, the name Frankenmuth comes from Franconia, a region of Bavaria the settlers were from and “muth”, which in German means courage. So, the name Frankenmuth means “courage of the Franconians”. The town is known for its many festivals including the World Expo of Beer and is home of Bronners, the worlds largest Christmas store. Just thought you’d like to know.

  2. Thanks Denise! I do like to know that. So, Frankenstein means “beer mug of the Franconians”? I never would have guessed. Learn something every day. Frankenmuth looks like great fun to visit.

  3. Holy mackerel! I would be spinning it (or dyeing it) the second it came through the door. It looks a lot more fun than my raw fleece, still waiting for me to wash it. 😦

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