I miss my knitting friends

SO MUCH! I missed knit night last week to watch my daughter in concert at her school, wherein she showed us that performing arts high school is the right place for her! She was tops. I missed again this week 😦 because Chip, her former guitar teacher (scroll down the link a bit for a video of cool jazz) of 8 or so years gave us a call yesterday 🙂 , and invited her to participate in a Master Class given by Douglas Niedt. If you checked his credentials you can see that yes indeed, everything IS up to date in Kansas City.  Mr Niedt (pronounced NEET) has been a visiting artist at Elon University this year and gave his farewell concert  tonight.  His program is astonishing, including such varied works as “Mack the Knife” which was romantic, haunting, and almost unrecognizable as the same song Bobby Darin sang, and “Peter Gunn” which is instantly recognizable across all generations as crime-fiction supercool.  Henry Mancini wrote it for a TV series, and got 2 grammys and an emmy nomination.  The Blues Brothers version can be heard here.  I couldn’t believe how Douglas Niedt got it to work solo on an acoustic guitar, but he most certainly did.  Daughter Juliet was enthralled.  We bought 2 CD’s and some sheet music.  practice, practice, practice.


One thought on “I miss my knitting friends

  1. I miss you too! Maybe, perchance, I’ll see you at the guild meeting today? I hope so, but I’m so damned nervous I’m considering not going but I’m going to go anyway. Yeah. I’m going.

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