On Saturday, we played with color!!

Denise and Lisa joined me in a little dye workshop. I hope they had as much fun as I did! DH swathed the entire kitchen in plastic sheeting (reusable) for the event, and did most of the setup. He’s such a sweetie.

My colors are Lanaset/Sabraset in 4% stock solution, ready to mix and dilute for handpainting.

stock solutions

I love the results!
a good day to dye

I really wish I had written down Lisa’s formula, because in the middle there, she’s come up with the perfect breast cancer awareness pink, and I’d like to duplicate it.

Denise aimed for, and got, denim blue, just right.
denim mustache

I did a few more skeins later that night.
rosewood flame midnight forest

In the middle there are 2 skeins I decided to call “flame”.  I was shooting for medium rose and gold.  I guess I missed a little.  Practice, practice, practice.

I need to be a little more careful with my ergonomics in future.  I spent all day Sunday recovering.  Someday I’ll learn.


5 thoughts on “On Saturday, we played with color!!

  1. I think the one you called Flames reminds me of the colors for the Kansas City Chiefs which I am a fan even though it does me no good since they aren’t very good.

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