my first Stitches event; I definitely want to do this again

On Wednesday, I drove somewhere between 4 and 5 hours and then checked in to the Renaissance Waverly in Atlanta Georgia.  The beds and linens are to die for, the atrium lobby is gorgeous, the staff has been cheerful, helpful, competent, and polite.  That said, I’d like to whine a bit:  no refrigerator, no microwave, $20 for breakfast (ow!), and $14.95 per day for internet access (ow, ow, ow, ow!).  Luxury is not cheap, apparently, reasonable negotiated room rate notwithstanding.

Developed a sudden and brutal case of camnesia for the first couple of days.  It must have something to do with the yarn fumes.

On Thursday, I slept in and had a room service “Waverly breakfast” which was on an enormous tray with nice china, good hot coffee, grapefruit juice squeezed from a real live fresh grapefruit very recently, and two perfectly poached eggs, among a few other things.  It arrived on the shoulder of a perfectly polite and well groomed waiter, who called me “Madame” (pronounced ma-DAM) and referred to me in the 3rd person.  “Would Madame like anything else?”  I felt like the lady of the manor.  What luxury!  I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it.  I may correct that mistake tomorrow morning.

My first class was “Continental Knitting” with Leslye Solomon, and I think she has shown me the way to save myself from further right hand/arm/shoulder/neck repetitive motion knitting injuries.  I’d love to post a picture of said highly amusing and effective knitting teacher here, but camnesia prevents.  So thank you Leslye!  I’m getting smoother at it already.

Immediately after class on Thursday,

market preview for students!!!!

again, camnesia. But here’s a picture of most of what I couldn’t leave the market without.

can you tell I like Noro?

can you tell I like Noro?

On Friday, I met a delightful young lady in the registration area.  Tiina is a member of the Atlanta Knitting Guild, who have put in a great deal of effort to get XRX to bring Stitches to Atlanta, and help it run smoothly.

Tiina is the eye candy, Im the other one

Tiina is the eye candy, I'm the other one

Tiina very graciously kept me company at the fashion show, since we had both come alone.  This next photo of the hall outside the ballroom where the show was held does not do justice to the moment.  The air was tingly with the collective excitement of hundreds of knitters high on yarn fumes.  Or maybe that was just me.

mostly, at this point, I just want to sit down

mostly, at this point, I just want to sit down

There were as many beautiful knitted garments in the audience as there were on the runway, possibly more.  Flash photography wasn’t allowed, and here’s what kind of photo quality I got in low light with moving subjects.

no flash = all fuzzy

no flash = all fuzzy

I gave up after a few attempts.  Knitters Magazine will publish some images eventually.  You’ll just have to wait. (Stop WHINING!)

At the banquet following the show, I made more friends.  Most of the knitters I’ve met here are among the nicest people I may ever meet.  I don’t know why this is true, but again, I suspect the yarn fumes.  If some clever lab nerd could synthesize the substance that produces the chemical effect on the brain, I suspect we’d have a great new “friendly” drug.  I also won a door prize!  There were I think 27 door prizes at the show, and probably that many or more at the banquet.  Amazing.

I’m exhausted, it’s late, and this post is already way picture heavy, so more about Saturday and Sunday probably tomorrow.  Goodnight, from knitter paradise.


4 thoughts on “my first Stitches event; I definitely want to do this again

  1. Thank you for posting the photos! It was wonderful to meet you, you Pretty Lady, and I hope our paths will cross again. Stay in touch, Anne! 🙂

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