did I promise you a roadside attraction?

How about Foamhenge?  Foamhenge?, you say.  Yes.  Just like Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain in the South of England, but made of styrofoam.  No, really.  It’s a same size replica in Natural Bridge, VA.  Find a review of foamhenge, and an interview with the artist, Mark Cline, at roadsideamerica.com .  You can book this place for your special event, or attend the Enchantment Faire in September.  How many places can you visit where you can buy a knighthood for your child, or watch flaming coconuts flung from a trebuchet?  I’d like to see the sheep tossing contest, myself.†  We just wandered around and in it on a beautiful spring day.

ETA: not live sheep of course, or even formerly live sheep, sillies!

I took this picture from down the hill a bit.  The tiny human is 6′ 3″ or so IRL.  If you go look at the large size of the picture, he appears to be trying to escape while Merlin throws a spell at him.



The one below is taken from inside the circle, the same human is there for scale.

soooo big!

soooo big!

Notice the difference in construction on the sign below.  Go to the largest flickr size to make the print easier to read.

If you are curious what it looks like really close up, it looks like styrofoam with gray paint on it.

yup, styrofoam

yup, styrofoam

One more picture for you, just a beautiful near-sunset skyline from inside the standing foams:

Virginia mountain sky

Virginia Blue Ridge Mountain sky


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