2012 in review, aka my sad, neglected blog

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

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no dancing here

Seen outside Darry’ls wood fired grill restaurant on a recent night which was far too chilly for dancing outside.

no dancing on firepit


See the small figure inside the red circle with diagonal bar?  The familiar “no” symbol?  Does this mean “no dancing on firepit”?  We all recognize Smokey the Bear, and realize there’s to be no smoking here, of any sort, I suppose.  Soon no drinking, and no talking.  (Thank you Eddie Izzard).  That seems sort of sad, but I guess the management can’t be blamed for not wanting the customers to dance on this inviting elevated platform.  At least until they have a chance to post the “watch out for falling drunk dancers” sign.  le sigh.

Set aside the forbidden spontaneous expressions of joy, the recent remodeling leaves Darryl’s looking still very familiar, with improvements to the exterior (including the new firepits) and to the flow path of customers once inside the door.  I think the upstairs restrooms are new too.  That may be my favorite improvement.  The menu includes many old favorites and some fun new stuff too.  Like s’mores.  For the firepits, I guess.

The menu says that “at its peak, Darryl’s had 39 restaurants operating in nine states.”  The first time I visited a Darryl’s was in 1976, on Chapel Hill Blvd between Durham and Chapel Hill.  That same night in that same place, I was introduced to the salad bar.  This, to a starving student, was a miraculous concept.  I must have made at least four trips.  Who needed an entree?  Thirty-some odd years later, Greensboro has the last Darryl’s restaurant.  I still love the fun decor.  Two booths look like elevators.  Another is a ferris wheel seat.  There is a carousel horse.  The renovation included expanding the “jail” area, so that more diners can eat behind bars at any given time.  What’s not to like?

I think we’ll be regular visitors to this old/new favorite restaurant.

New Year’s Eve, I’m unresolved.

The blizzard is mostly melted and gone, the Christmas tree is packed away and on the curb for disposal, the leftovers are even gone.  Christmas 2010 is a ghost, 2010 is a few hours away from being a memory, and here we on the the eve of the new year.

This was a first for 2010:

wicked icicle

That’s a pretty wicked icicle for Piedmont NC!  It got started on an icicle-shaped light bulb, and went on to its own magnificence.  Just as I usually start with a kernel of an idea, and then let creativeness grow the way it will.  So I am unresolved, but inspired.  Thank you winter blizzard!


Do you have any idea how unusual this is where I live? Before Christmas? This much?



While this was falling, we had a fire in the fireplace, we put up the Christmas tree, and hung up our stockings.  I am so much more in the Christmas mood now than I was yesterday.  Going to bed now, hoping for visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.

It gets better

Just read the Panopticon post by the same title.  Just want to do what I can to make sure as many as possible read it as well.  In the words of LoriAngela, the first commenter, “Life is not a simple pain. We must be loved as we are. Without hope there is nothing. Your words are strong. I will pass them on to my knitting teenage daughter to share with her friends of all ilks.”  I will do the same.  Thank you, Franklin Habit, for being a voice of hope and comfort in this messed-up world.

I can knit back backwards!

Thanks to excellent instructions from the knit witch in a video.  I’ve never been able to grasp it before.  This is important because I’ve got two projects going which will go much faster with this technique.  The Peacock’s Best Vest from SWTC involves 114 mitered diamonds, no less, and assorted other little triangles and stuff.  They’re all in garter stitch, so I guess I’ll have to learn how to purl back backwards too.  Or just turn my work over and over and over . . . .  The other one is Lizard Ridge, from knitty. Lots of short rows every sixth row.  I have no pictures yet, as the two projects are still mostly in my head.

I do have a picture of another knitty pattern.  This took me literally months to complete.  I really like the result, but I am so slow.  It’s decimal, in classic elite premiere.  My ravelry project page here.

the models mother made her do this, therefore incognito

the model's mother made her do this, therefore incognito

Behind the model you see a variety of clematis with an unusual flower color.  It’s ready for its closeup.

how do I look?

how do I look?

I love blue flowers.