On Saturday, we played with color!!

Denise and Lisa joined me in a little dye workshop. I hope they had as much fun as I did! DH swathed the entire kitchen in plastic sheeting (reusable) for the event, and did most of the setup. He’s such a sweetie.

My colors are Lanaset/Sabraset in 4% stock solution, ready to mix and dilute for handpainting.

stock solutions

I love the results!
a good day to dye

I really wish I had written down Lisa’s formula, because in the middle there, she’s come up with the perfect breast cancer awareness pink, and I’d like to duplicate it.

Denise aimed for, and got, denim blue, just right.
denim mustache

I did a few more skeins later that night.
rosewood flame midnight forest

In the middle there are 2 skeins I decided to call “flame”.  I was shooting for medium rose and gold.  I guess I missed a little.  Practice, practice, practice.

I need to be a little more careful with my ergonomics in future.  I spent all day Sunday recovering.  Someday I’ll learn.


blue is the color of . . . .

Veronica. A lovely ground cover that grows beside my mailbox, and for a week or two in early spring, is glorious.

So for the rest of the year, the chorus of the Elvis Costello song by the same name is so appropriate:

Do you suppose, that waiting hands on eyes
Veronica has gone to hide
And all the time she laughs at those who shout
Her name and steal her clothes.

This time of year, Veronica cheers me up every time I check the mailbox. I stole her clothes myself, recently, dyeing yarn for a colorway I’ve been thinking of as “driftwood”. You are looking at a gauge swatch of the same, a la Cat Bordhi from New Pathways.
gauge swatch

My first go at Judy’s Magical Cast On, and just as Cat claims, it IS truly magical. In the picture below, I’ve flattened the bottom of the swatch, so the cast on stitches are clearly visible. Only not clearly identifiable. Can you tell where they are? Nor can I. Judy Becker is a wizard.
truly magical

Same magic on the non-public side. Can’t find it at all. Made me brave enough to cast on my first pair toe-up, and both at the same time as well. So here’s two little sock toes, just begun. So far so good! I like how the yarn is knitting up.

rushing rivulet wip1

I was dyeing

with Mama E, and so were Keri, Carl, Niki and Kim. class picture

I handpainted 2 pretty skeins of sock yarn
my 2 skeins of sock yarn 2 handpaint skeins thanks MamaE!

this one is my favorite
a pretty pair of socks

and one roving
merino roving

if you think it looks kind of like entrails now, you should have seen it when it was still rolled up in plastic wrap and oozing dye. Have you ever seen a human placenta?

I think it will look fine spun up.

It was sunny, windy, shirtsleeve weather when I left Greensboro around 1:30pm, and raining when I arrived in W-S. Knit Picky is an adorable yarn shop located in a former residence, and still feels like a home. I knew I would like the people there, when I went to wash my hands and found a budgie in the bathroom! Cute little guy. We pretty much filled up the kitchen, and had great fun getting creative and messy. We took the group pics at the end, and it was COLD outside by then. It was Niki, I think, who put it so well, “a good day to dye”.