what I did on spring break

DD Juliet didn’t remember the Biltmore House in Asheville. I didn’t realize it had been that long since we were there. So off we went.
Biltmore House

The path from the parking lot leads to this prospect. 1st impressions are important, no?

We walked the main house tour first, plenty of steps there, then a short break in the shops, located in the former stables. I would happily live in those stables. Must have been a cushy berth for an equine sort. Next, the rooftop tour. Our guide tells us there are more than 250 steps on the rooftop tour. Didn’t I know it the next day.
nice backyard

This is the backyard view of George Vanderbilt & co. Just a little country place.
view from Biltmore House rooftop

The front yard. Nice for a picnic.

A few friends I met on the roof :
Biltmore carving - cute butt Biltmore carving-moustache being

The first fellow, I couldn’t resist patting his butt. The second fellow is very handsome, but he may be suffering from a little gender confusion. That may actually be an asset in the dating sphere these days, I wouldn’t know. But I do suggest a supportive foundation garment. DH’s favorite rooftop sight was this:
pretty much straight up

Yes, that’s looking pretty much straight up at several tons of slate tile hung there for the most part over 100 years ago. Hope the wires hold. Time to go down? ok.
Biltmore Conservatory

Just a few minutes left in the Biltmore Estate day, enough to have a quick look at the conservatory, still very much a working place, as it provides botanical decoration for the house, winery, inn and other buildings on the grounds. These pretty flowers may be in Edith V’s boudoir tomorrow, who knows?
chinese lantern floweramaryllisthey are very smallpurple orchidwhite orchid 2wowwhite orchid

I think the last one is the most impressive, but I can’t decide which is the most beautiful.

The next day, we stopped to let the guys get a little exercise. Arthur fetched sticks in a lake for the first time in his life. This is what a standard poodle is supposed to look like:
Arthur is a water dog

Merlin was in no way interested in having a swim, but he enjoyed the walk.
Thank you, but I do NOT want to go for a swim

and then home again, home again.  It’s good to be home.


a ripping good yarn — at last!

Some photos of the polwarth/silk, at last plied, skeined, into a ball, swatched.

It knitted up at 6.75 st/in, which is 27 st/4 in and (according to the Craft Yarn Council of America) weight #1, sock, fingering, baby. At 23 to 26 st/4 in it would have been sport weight, so next I need to learn to spin evenly just a few more microns thick. Got to go pick up my furry boys from the beauty parlor now, maybe I’ll put an eye candy photo of them here later! . . . .

As promised:

They smell nice too! Too bad I can never get a good photo of Arthur’s face. No contrast. I’m just happy when I get them both in the same frame without too much blur!