knitting unrelated to Christmas

I have two in progress right now, a shrug of my own design in silk rhapsody (heavenly stuff),

and lanaknits lacy little top in Bambu 7, color borage.

I really like the way it’s knitting up, but I’m losing confidence in my calculation that I have enough yarn to complete it. Wish me luck. This is what the yarn looked like before casting on.

My two dogs sleeping in the same place! This is so rare, I had to document it.

Merlin (the little white one) usually scorns to keep company with his baby brother Arthur, but Arthur had the best blanket, so Merlin stoops to lie down with the big guy. Merlin has recently been diagnosed with the rare and puzzling neurologically affective little white shaker dog syndrome which causes episodes during which he looks like a tiny little drunk, kinda wobbly, can’t do steps. There doesn’t seem to be any pain or distress, and he is responding well to treatment, which is corticosteroid therapy. The vet first suggested tiny little prednisone pills, which would have been less expensive, but would definitely have affected my lifestyle adversely. The little fellow is an expert pill chucker, and sneaky too. Fortunately the vet was able to prescribe pedia-prednisone, which is administered in a sweet liquid, so Merlin gets 1/2 teaspoon of dessert after every meal. He is delighted with this medical measure, and Arthur is very jealous. We have not seen an episode since beginning treatment. Apparently this is so rare that most vets may see it a handful of times over the course of their careers. Aren’t we the lucky ones?