iblogatory web expression for knitters

After a few more rows I’ve decided to stick with this center join even though I’m not thrilled with the extra large yo’s in the edging at the join row. This picture shows the color of the yarn better.
I have several things on the needles right now (imagine that!) and I may even finish them someday. Here’s my first KAL with sexy knitter’s club. I’m using stash yarn that I didn’t have enough in one color for a solid Juliet, therefore the stripes.
Also a pic of some yummy yarn I got at knitch in Atlanta. Artyarns Silk Rhapsody! Feels like heaven. Only two skeins, but enough for a lace shrug of my own design with the help of sweater wizard.
I’ve been thinking about why I blog, and I think the reason is simply that I knit, therefore I blog. It’s iblogatory . . . umm . . . obligatory, isn’t it?


my honeybee stole center join works?

I am knitting the honeybee stole which can be found at knitspot.com. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful and clever design by Anne Hanson, and probably the most ambitious lace I’ve knitted so far. Pattern calls for provisional cast on at center back, knit down to edging, cast off, pick up prov cast on stitches, start with wrong side row 2. Anne has suggestions for a pretty join on her website.

I always have to do things my own way, and I tried something different. I knit row 1 again, which makes the faggotting in the edging come out right, and allowed me to do a spit roll (there must be a more appealing term for that) join with the cast on tail, (nothing to weave in later), incorporated Anne’s suggestion to pick up the bar between stitches in the ctr of the yo motif, and add another decrease. my sequence for the pertinent part of the row was k2tog, yo, pickup bar and knit, yo, slip one as if to knit, slip 2 as if to purl, put left needle in the backs and knit the three together.

Can you tell from these pics whether or not that’s a good idea? I haven’t decided yet.
I am using jaggerspun zephyr in color curry, and addi lace circ size 3.