sew a little something

Feels so good to be back in my sewing room.  This project took maybe 2 hours total in actual stitchout and assemble time.  I spent much more than that browsing the internet for free machine embroidery designs. The winner? Found at  The name and corner decoration were created in Husqvarna Viking 5D Embroidery Extra software for embroidery sewing machine.  Short story long, I was gifted with a nav device for my birthday.  It’s the sleekest, slimmest, smartest, coolest nav ever.  It used to have a sleek and luxurious leather slip case.  I think that slip case got left in the parking lot of a rest area between Greensboro and Asheville NC when it slipped surreptitiously from my car as I got out to stretch my legs.  Sleek, slim, smart, sneaky little s**t .  The nav itself is 4.8″W x 2.9″H x .35″D (12.2 x 7.5 x .89 cm) in size.  The case is roughly 3 3/8″ by 5 3/8″.  The original treeglobe embroidery design measures 9.42″ x 5.85″.  The 5D software automatically adjusts stitch density when you resize,  which is amazing, for those of us who remember what it was like to try and adjust it ourselves.  If you’re one too, you know what I’m talking about.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, feel blessed because the software is so much better now, and you’ll never need to know how to do this.

embroidered nav case5

what does it mean?

I’d love to know the backstory on this design.  If you do know it, please leave me a comment.  It’s an extraordinary and beautiful design, and such a treat because it’s a free download.  I think the critter climbing the tree is a squirrel.  If you have a better guess, please tell me.  It’s an applique design, which means it pauses the machine so you can put fabric down for the globe background, and then again to cut around the stitched down fabric.  Seriously cool, huh?

I measured and estimated, and designed the case to be hooped all at once.  The name and the corner decoration were created in the 5D monogram wizard.

embroidered nav case3


Here’s how it is arranged in the hoop:

embroidery for nav case

template image

I put gold quilting cotton with tear-away stabilizer in the hoop, and then basted all around just inside the hoop.  Push the start button and the machine does the rest.  You can tell I’m only mostly southern, because I said “push” the button instead of “mash” the button.  You can mash it if you are more comfortable with that.  I took the finished embroidery out of the hoop and layered it with quilt batting and a backing piece of cotton print.  I did not remove the stabilizer.  I basted the quilt sandwich together around the edge.

treeglobe nav case working diagram

the pattern outline

Now the grunt work:

Thin satin stitch all round on the pink and turquoise lines with rayon embroidery thread in upper thread and bobbin.  Cut just outside the stitching.  Wider satin stitch overcast on the pink line.  Fold right sides out, lining sides together along the longer blue dotted line.  Wider satin stitch overcast on the turquoise lines.  Make a button loop by satin stitching over piping cord.  Attach it at the flap point by zigzag stitching.  Put a little fray check here and there. Sew on a button.  Do a neater job of satin stitching over your cord than I did!

button loop

okay, so it's a little messy

and a peek at the print for the lining, since I matched the colors for the embroidery:

embroidered nav case2

insert nav here

I’m more than pleased with the result.  I might even like it just a wee bit more than the sleek, slim, smart leather case that slipped surreptitiously away when I wasn’t looking.  Call it serendipity.

For those that are still with me, a reward recipe I wrote for my bread machine:

cinnamon bread

This bread has a great springy texture and is dense but not heavy.  It makes great french toast, but let it soak a little longer than usual.  Adding the flax seed makes it rich in omega-3 fatty acids, lignans, and fiber. My kids like it spread with smart butter, ’cause we just can’t get enough lignans, sprinkled with brown sugar splenda mix and dusted with yet a little more cinnamon, then lightly toasted.  I hope you will enjoy it.

click here to downloadcinnamon bread recipe pdf


finally got this pic from Lily’s roomie

perky21.jpgThis is the duvet I made for Lily with Juliet and Kayla looking perky after move in in August. Our visit to ASC this past weekend was exhausting, and very reassuring. It’s a great school. Back to routine for me now. My husband says I have a blog now instead of a life. How can I tell him it only takes so much time because I have to learn everything, often more than once! I’m slow, but I’m short. Finally found something I like to do besides knit, and he thinks I should spend some time in company with my family! Sheeesh!

follow the yellow brick road . . .

Back to knitting. Having finished the munchkin dress at last. Is this the cutest little munchkin ever or what? She is the daughter of a friend. I am very contentedly knitting away at my bee stole again. I probably won’t finish in time to take it to Atlanta for Agnes Scott parents weekend, and I’m not going to injure myself trying. But if I did, well, it would be nice. Wearing it, I mean, not injuring myself. The dress will be worn here Y’all come. Bring the kiddies! I’m also swatching bambu 7 and trying on pattern ideas. I should be attacking UFO’s. I’ll think about it.

Post number 1

My first blog, my first post. Who would want to read my stuff? Can’t imagine. The name is carpoolknitter because I grab my knitting minutes when I can, and I spend a lot of time waiting in the car for my offspring at their various activities, appointments, etc. It sounded catchier than lobbyknitter or waitingroomknitter. I have a chronic condition — obsession with collection and reconfiguration of various fiber media (I have to have yarn and fabric). I’m much more about process than product (sometimes I finish things, but it’s much more important to have my hands busy in luxurious, colorful, addictive yarns and fabrics).