even more headlines, still no news

I got these terrific pictures of my small friend from his mom, and they show the colors of his cap much more truly than the ones I took, besides, what a great model, huh?

soren on bike

Yes, he really is that cute.

And now for the closeup–

soren in cap

I think he might even like it! Nothing makes a knitter happier than finding a good home for a small work of tangible love. A veritable wooly hug for his little head. I’m getting all verklempt, I have to go now.


more headlines, no news

This newsboy cap is for Soren, almost 3 years old.small headline

The shape will look better on the model, it’s a little overstuffed here. This is the same pattern as Zack’s cap, at a smaller gauge, for a smaller head, two more repeats of the cable pattern, and I decreased down much faster to get a rounder top. I like the way the colors played out on it. I hope Soren and his parents do too.