a few thankful photos

It being Thanksgiving week, I put up one of the best food pics I’ve ever taken. Also one of the prettyest things I’ve ever baked.

luray cavernsAnd a good travel photo. Most of the pic is reflection in the water.
nc zoo flamingoes And a good wildlife (captive) photo. Aren’t they lovely?

Just a few images from the archives. Hope you enjoy them.


finally got this pic from Lily’s roomie

perky21.jpgThis is the duvet I made for Lily with Juliet and Kayla looking perky after move in in August. Our visit to ASC this past weekend was exhausting, and very reassuring. It’s a great school. Back to routine for me now. My husband says I have a blog now instead of a life. How can I tell him it only takes so much time because I have to learn everything, often more than once! I’m slow, but I’m short. Finally found something I like to do besides knit, and he thinks I should spend some time in company with my family! Sheeesh!